The Power of Creation – HOLD ON

I wrote a letter to a friend today.  He is trying to shape a new life.  To make something beautiful happen and enjoy a dream he has had for years.  And he has hit the wall.

For several months Chris has been enjoying snippets of a life he has dreamed of for years.  His attitude was remarkable- all his family and friends noticed the change.  He looked better, walked quicker, and had a demeanor of expectant joy.  Finally, his prayers seemed answered.

But change isn’t quite that easy.  We don’t have a magic eraser that eliminates the tough and ugly.  While we are changing the cellular structure of our lives and dreams, we get dirty.  It can get nasty.  It’s heavy, tumultuous, burdensome, challenging, disheartening, frustrating, irritating and disappointing.

Sometimes we need to let go to succeed.  But when you are creating, and the substance you hold in your hand is being formed into something else, that is no time to let go and let the ordinary rule.  You have to HOLD ON TO YOUR VISION as you are the only one with the power to do so.


If it was easy to make magic happen – don’t you think the masses would be at Walmart buying wands? You bet they would.  Everyone wants happiness.

But wanting is not enough. 

It’s not enough just to dream it and wish for change – you have to carve it out of what exists.  It takes “kahunas!”

When the storm is so vicious and you can barely hold on to your dream, you have to hold on!  Life’s best moments are waiting for you to “capture” them, and that means there is some effort on your part to:

  1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – or at least be sharp enough to recognize it when it arrives


  1. HOLD ON TO IT. In your dreams, in your imagination, in your determination – hold the vision of what you want and press on.

Cumulus Clouds

I relate this tough time of magic (change) to cumulus clouds.  They gather, and by nature they pile up on one another – one after the next.  They can be harmless, or they can turn into heavy rain clouds.  They can evaporate, or hang on and bring trouble.

During this phase of the magic – you never know if you are coming or going.  Good news follows bad news which precipitates some good news, only to be dashed by bad news.  NEWS. NEWS. NEWS. – events, things happening, things not happening.  It can be so frustrating. BUT HOLD ON.

Your magic making is working – or you would not have the storm!  Everything would remain status quo and you could feel comfy in your malaise – you accepted state.  Muster up your moxy baby – and HOLD ON.  What you are creating is hidden in those clouds. You are only moments or months away from you created outcome.  HOLD ON.

So How Do You Hold On?

Here are some takeaways – Action Steps – Magic Potions to help you HOLD ON to what you want.

  1. Remember what you started to create.  Force yourself to go back and remind yourself what you are after – what motivated you, what you want changed.  It’s easy to forget when you get tired.
  1. Practice gratitude for the chance to change what you have to what you want. Here’s how you do it- say to yourself: “ Harmony,(Your Name), you are so lucky to be so close to your heart’s desire.  Only weeks ago it was a hope, now it’s almost tangible.  All creation is conspired together to help you accomplish the magic.  Everything is falling into place, and what is being created in the unseen is appearing before your very eyes moment by moment.  Hold on!”
  2. Keep your vision focused. Don’t get distracted by all the fluff and wind and rain.  Keep your internal vision and external actions focused on the magical outcome.
  3. Carry a wand. Practice magic.  See yourself as the one who carries a creative power that changes what is into something else.  You are the alchemist refining life’s “crap” into something you treasure – into what you see as “gold.”
  4. Be honest – with yourself. Acknowledge that you are indeed battling, but remind yourself what you are made of – that you possess creative mastering qualities, and use your tenacity to HOLD ON.

When it seems you can no longer hold on – HOLD ON.  When it’s really tough to do so, you are almost there.

Love to hear your strategies.  What do you do to HOLD ON when you are facing the wall?