Sugar Snap Peas is Problem-Solving for Everyday Problems

Problem Solving IntroductionWHATS YOUR PROBLEM? If you lead a company, pay the payroll, ensure the assets, clean the facility or manage operations, you have something in common with every other job description – every week you face at least one challenging PROBLEM that needs to be solved.   Many times these problems are recreated from last week’s problem that was not adequately addressed – and the monster grew!  Introducing the problem-solving series  Sugar Snap Peas developed by creative trainer, Harmony Thiessen.

With the SUGAR SNAP PEAS process, your team or organisation will learn creative methods and techniques for getting past the symptoms of a problem and into the elements of effective solutions that make lasting change.

We think big, dream wildly, study context, laugh and do great work in as little as 30 minutes. (Free introductory class) You’ll leave with unique tools to help you solve ANY PROBLEM – professional or personal.

How is the course offered?

SUGAR SNAP PEAS is offered as a half-day professional workshop using many unusual tools and interactive features to assist Problem solving with Sugar Snap Peasyour team with problem-solving, conflict resolution, leadership development, vision casting, and innovation.  I also provide 60-90 minute luncheon or dinner presentations and customised keynote presentations on the introduction to problem-solving: Sugar Snap Peas.

What do you learn in Sugar Snap Peas Introduction to Problem-Solving?

Depending on the type of presentation, from the complimentary 30-minute presentation primarily for non-profit organisations, or the 60-90 minute meeting presentation or the keynote, different aspects of Sugar Snap Peas Problem-Solving are covered.  The complete workshop which is a half-day training highlight the following:

Sugar Snap Peas Learning Points

  • What is the problem?  How is it properly defined?
  • How to use different languages to define problems and open the mind
  • How to reframe the problem
  • How to ask new questions to learn new information
  • What is circling the waggons – and how does it make you feel stuck?
  • Being stuck is a feeling and not a fact
  • 10 Exercises to learn and practice regularly to help solve problems
  • Brain Dexterity
  • How to re-train your brain using “dot therapy.”  Connecting the dots.
  • When to stop Brainstorming
  • What is a think tank?
  • How to create a think tank
  • Using the WHY
  • Games People Play – seriously!  Games to play to be more creative.
  • Much more…

Why is the Program Called Sugar Snap Peas?

harmony thiessen imageNow that is a good question.  Well, it started with an awesome salad I was eating.  For some reason on that occasion, I noticed my sugar snap peas which were cut up inside the salad and still in the shell.

Like the naive blonde that I can be at times, I exclaimed – “Hey look, there are peas inside!”  Am I embarrassed to admit it – yes, but I just never thought about where the peas I had for dinner came from.  It didn’t occur to this “city slicker urbanite” that peas grew inside a larger shell. But within minutes I knew the name of the program I was working on.  Sugar Snap Peas, and eventually was born.

It was so provocative to my thinking process that all this time I ate huge salads with everything but the kitchen sink combined to make one great big salad bowl (for me only) of deliciousness, but I never really saw them.  I didn’t realise just what was inside.  The power of potentiality. My view of the pea changed – as did my view of life.


Video Sample of Introduction to Sugar Snap Peas Problem-Solving


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