Problem Solving – If you lead a company, pay the payroll, ensure the assets, clean the facility or manage operations, you have something in common with every other job description – every week you faceProblem Solving sugar snap peas at least one challenging PROBLEM that needs to be solved.   Many times these problems are recreated from last week’s problem that was not adequately addressed – and the monster grew!

With the SUGAR SNAP PEAS process, your team or organisation will learn creative methods and techniques for getting past the symptoms of a problem and into the elements of effective solutions that make lasting change.

We think big, dream wildly, study context, laugh and do great work – in only 20 minutes! [30 min and 45 minutes also available] You’ll leave with unique tools to help you solve ANY PROBLEM – professional or personal.

Offered as a sample session, you can book SUGAR SNAP PEAS for your group, business, sales team, leadership team, Meetup, professional association, ladies group, rotary club, etc for free!

SUGAR SNAP PEAS is also offered as a half-day professional workshop using many unusual tools and interactive features to assist your team with problem solving, conflict resolution, leadership development, vision casting, and innovation. Contact Harmony Thiessen for more details and pricing.