Problem Solver Session -Need a 30- 60Minute Pinch Hit?

Problem-solving can be challenging if you can’t think out of the loop. If you are facing a problem, or feel stuck in your creative and innovative process.  I can help with that.  And the work is guaranteed!   YES, it is affordable and risk free.

I don’t coach. I offer 30-60minute segment brain training that will free your thoughts to help you get past the block and into your genius state.  Loops keep us circling back with the same information that created the problem.  When you learn to break the loop and go different directions in your thinking, you create the opportunity to engage in effective problem-solving.

It’s easy.  You book your appointment.  You pay.  We meet on the phone for 30- 60 minutes. Book an appointment with Harmony Thiessen - HG CREATIVE ENTERPRISES using SetMore

Typically I offer the service on Monday and Friday.  If you urgently need the session, contact me directly from the contact page here on the site and I will get back to you asap.

HAPPINESS GUARANTEE – If you didn’t find the training helpful – I will refund your money that day.

Problem-Solving Problems Often Addressed

  • family relationships
  • work relationships
  • resolving conflicts
  • how to do budget cuts when it affects others
  • when to stop doing something
  • when to start doing something
  • how to make something work
  • creative people stuck in their creative projects