Are You Learning from the Information You Receive?

Do you train your mind to learn something new every day? How many minutes do you think you spend searching online every day for information?  Are you a reader- do you have books on the go?  Documentaries?  Social Media? Magazines or Journals?

Most people spend a good chunk of time each day expanding their awareness with information.


With all that input, all those facts, stories and exercises – why are you mostly the same person you were this time a year ago?  How does that happen when you try to consistently learn something new?

It all comes down to how you percieve what you learn.

How You Hear Or Receive Information Determines It’s Usefulness

I saw a video recently that depicts how our brain sees things.  We see (or hear) what we always see or hear, and filter out the other messages no matter how good for us they may be.

Have a look:


Examples in Your Life

  1. You get a call from the doctor’s office about the tests you had taken. Yay!  Your blood pressure is down, no trace of the infection in your blood, but there is a slight variation in your cholesterol.  You are still in the accepted range but should be aware.  –  What do you focus on?
  2. You are summoned to the boss’s office to get your performance review. She lists numerous ways that have revolutionised your position through your ingenuity and hard work.  You get a raise, a bonus and 1 extra week of holidays.  But, could you please increase your quota by 5% for the next quarter.  What do you remember from the meeting?
  3. WOMEN- Your man suggests you are stunning in the outfit that you are wearing tonight.  You were out last week to a similar event wearing something different, and you thought you looked great but he seemed oblivious. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT?

Are You Habitually Looking for the Black Dot?

We focus on the dark spots.  The bad news.  And if there is none, we will associate good news to a bad implication. (see #3 above).

All the new information you take into yourself including all the positive mind training and amazing coaching you receive and best courses you take – will have a minimal effect if you are seeing and listening to the same perspective.  No matter what they say,


Try this Experiment

Consider how you can challenge yourself to process things differently.  Not for a lifetime.  Just for a week.

Could you publish to one or a 1000 people (social media) one new thing you see every day for a see differentlyweek?

Ideas to cultivate your ability to learn something new

It’s not that these ideas necessarily teach you something new.  Rather, they teach you to have to cultivate your brain to be open to learning something new when you want or need to.  They teach you to live open and not sabotage your learning by preconceived conclusions that keep you circling the same waggon year after year.

  • Look for a new neighbour on your street
  • Pay attention to the other side of the big box store you shop in – what do they carry?
  • Go to the hardware store and look at gadgets you never knew existed.  Find out from the sales clerk how what you discovered could make life easier.
  • Listen to a news broadcast from a source you always refuse to listen to.
  • Watch a documentary about something you totally disagree with and be open to one new idea.


What would you see?  Let’s try it.  See what happens to your mind.  Watch carefully.  You don’t want to miss it :-}.