Keynote Presentation on Happiness is an Inside Job – With Full-Time Benefits

Keynote harmony thiessenUnique Keynote presentation with International Speaker, Harmony Thiessen.  Audiences the world over seek the same notion – to be free from suffering.  To be at peace.  To find joy where there is none.  I can help and here’s how.  Happiness is an inside job.

My guess is that you have never seen a presentation like this!  We begin with a pretty, pretty picture. Literally and figuratively.  While I begin presenting a concept of what happiness looks like to most of us, we see a lovely canvas- not on a slide show – in person.  And the journey begins.

We will discover that happiness is often determined in our society by a measuring point – and when we get there, we will be happy.  But then life happens.  And it’s messy. Uncontrollable. Unreliable. And often, disappointing.

What do we do with life when that happens?  Normally, we make a new goal to reach that will define our joy, and the process of a slow death continues.

Audiences are mesmerised as they listen and watch the miracle that transforms disappointments and disillusionments into hope and wonder.  It’s like magic.

In the end, they may not remember much of what I said, but they will never forget what they saw!

Watching Harmony was painful and hilarious at times.  My husband said it was the best business presentation he ever saw (heard), because everything she talked about started at the root of human expectations.  What a show!  Ken and Marjorie Dunham, Chicago IL

Before our story can reach a happy ending, we will need to see life differently. Through laughter, entertainment, stories, and truths that slide into our consciousness while we giggle, the audience and I go on a journey that requires honesty, authenticity, risk, and celebration. Life is a series of events, and it’s a wild ride!

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Reviews for Harmony Thiessen Creative Trainer

“Harmony was the most popular and well-rated speaker at our annual conference – twice in a row! – Corky Kyle, Colorado Assisted Living Association, Denver, CO

“I had the privilege of hearing Harmony speak at a recent CALA convention. Her presentation was engaging and compelling, with bits of humor sprinkled in. Not only did she teach her audience valuable skills, but she connected with me on a personal level, all from the stage. I would highly recommend taking advantage of any chance you get to utilize Harmony and her talents…my company is!”  Reagan Weber – Reisdent Services Manager , Castle Country Assisted Living, Castle Rock, CO

“We had Harmony Thiessen speak to the chamber Small Business Roundtable in January 2017. She certainly demonstrated her expertise in problem-solving and creative thinking – while helping each person in the audience get connected with the information and engaged with their own process. I highly recommend Harmony to any group looking to inspire and educate their members in problem-solving. I might add, Harmony is very easy to work within the administrative process, arrived early, and came prepared.”  Nancy Walsh, Member Services Director, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Denver CO

Thank you Harmony Thiessen. We are so blessed as a group, to have the knowledge, energy, and creativity of this woman. She presented at my Rotary Club today- all my fellow Rotarians loved the topic, her energy, and her humor. Thank you Harmony. My favorite comment from a 40 year member was, “we need more people like her to present.” You should invite her to present at one of your groups.  Stephanie Webb, Rotary International and Community Services Director, MOSAIC, Denver CO

Very nice presentation on problem analysis!   Thomas Lemmons, Denver CO

A really inspirational presentation.  James Gunderson, Denver CO


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Harmony Thiessen Rotary SPeaker

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There is no “push reset” button for personal change – but there is an art to managing the stress, challenge, and euphoria of change.

Change can be an awesome gift – just ask the caterpillar!  But the process can be brutal.  I can help

  1.  Change your expectations of change
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  3. Ask new questions
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Our Story Makes History

People who change history do so through the intricate weaving of mutual intellect, memory, art, passion, and experience.

The brilliance of one is only surpassed by the collaborative brilliance of more – more ideas, perspectives, gifts, talents and innovation.  The work of the “network” has changed the way we think and operate and inspired accelerated development in science, medicine, preventative health, engineering, space travel, and even how we play games.

  1. Group dynamics that inspire collaboration
  2. Brain Trusts
  3. Seeing the BIG picture
  4. Attracting genius

More details upon request

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