Harmony Thiessen, Creativity Trainer, offers unique corporate and organisational keynote presentations and/or educational workshops

Creativity,  Creative Brain Training, Problem-Solving, Innovation, Strategic Implementation

creativity trainerKnown for humorous and provocative presentations, Creativity Trainer Harmony Thiessen’s latest gem SUGAR SNAP PEAS is an introduction to numerous methods and techniques in problem-solving and how to train the brain to make a creative problem-solver our default mindset.  Harmony will shake up the status quo and get your audience thinking differently.  Problems get solved, “getting stuck” is history, and innovation solutions and strategic implementation become the norm with some SUGAR SNAP PEAS on the plate! 

More than a mindset change – Sugar Snap Peas teaches specific techniques to expand the brain’s abilities to synthesise information in a way that solves problems.  The focus is on the tools and techniques, the side-benefit is motivation.

Half -day workshops in–house, 60-90 minute keynote presentations, customised webinars for your team, strategic consultation, and free 20-30 min presentations available for non-profit organisations.

  • Great for Teams in Development Stage
  • Great for Organisations facing challenging changes 
  • Great for Businesses needing breakthroughs
  • Great for Sales Teams
  • Optional customization available.

“I had the privilege of hearing Harmony speak at a recent CALA convention. Her presentation was engaging and compelling, with bits of humor sprinkled in. Not only did she teach her audience valuable skills, but she connected with me on a personal level, all from the stage. I would highly recommend taking advantage of any chance you get to utilize Harmony and her talents…my company is!”   Reagen Weber – Resident Member Services, Castle Country Assisted Living

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