Do You Resist Change?

Two things are common:  Change Happens – whether we like it or not.

Most people find themselves resisting change and suffering needlessly.

I am not saying change isn’t challenging; I am saying let’s challenge change. While I am the first to admit it can knock the crap out of you, leave you wondering if you will make it, drive you to the brink of anxiety, and make you question yourself over and over again, change has the power to open doors both inside yourself and in your day to day life that you never dreamed possible. 

I have several techniques that help my clients overcome resistance.

Here are three of the most successful methods:

1.  We do a Q and A – and you could do it to with a friend if you like :  It is critical that we find a way to understand the HIDDEN gems that keep us from moving forward.  Have you noticed that when you don’t want to have a change happen, and someone asks you why – your answers can be pretty lame!  That’s because the real reasoning for our hesitancy is more likely rooted in fear, mistrust, past experiences that we remember, horror story from the “field”, or even, because we are lazy and don’t want to admit it.

Opportunity With ChangeSo, we blame, accuse, get all drama like, and behave in ways that embarrass those who know us well – cause they know, it’s not really who we are, but it’s who we are acting like when we feel the pressure to confront what we have kept hidden.

The Q&A’s are critical to our progress.  The key is not to let yourself off to easy.  Keep asking WHY.  Why do you think the staff will walk off the job if you institute those changes?  WHY would they feel cheated?  Okay, but WHY would they think you had ulterior motives?  (and so on).  They WHY works until it forces truth to begin rising to the surface.

If you are going to work with a friend to help you – tell them no matter what you say or do, they can’t give in.  🙂

2. Take a Journey on the Truth Continuum – Telling the truth to ourselves is not easy, not popular and takes guts.  The Truth Continuum is based on a vital fact- that more truth is likely to become apparent when we identify and take action on the truth we know.

In early 2015 I am releasing the online course as an alternative to my TRUTH CONTINUUM workshop, that helps you work through your own TC.  It includes videos, articles, worksheets and an option for a 60-minute phone consultation with me.

If you would like to be notified when the e-course is available – subscribe here and I will let you know before it goes to market. (Probably a special something in it for you!) This list will not be used to contact you for any other reason.

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But you won’t need to wait for the course – just follow the blog as I will be writing about it and sharing some valuable steps you can take without taking a course or attending a workshop.

3. Break it Down – Change, once embraced is usually much easier to handle with a game plan – a strategy, a structure.   It gives us a roadmap to follow, but almost more importantly it gives us gradual steps to take that build our confidence, enable us to practice fearlessness, and if it so happens we have a false start, to quickly recover and get on the path to a new opportunity.

Take your change and break it down into the most basic of steps.  It will seem silly, but it works.  Nothing will get you going like success.  And a week of successful baby steps is much better than a head on collision with yourself or someone else that puts your dreams of change in the infirmary or worse yet, covers them completely in the morgue.