Are you getting worn out from the demands of changing relationships?

I keep getting feedback from my clients and prospects about the effects that change has on their bodies, minds and relationships.

“Harmony, I can’t stand the man I am married to, and I have loved him for over 28 years! But he is changing so much as we reach retirement age that I have to question whether I want to be with him as we grow older. Why did he need to change so much? This isn’t who I fell in love with.”

Relationships are always in flux, because people are always in flux. Our cells are changing everyday – aging in fact, despite all our anti-aging efforts.

[Tweet “We don’t wake up the same people we were when we closed our eyes to sleep.”]

Yet as a society we persist at forcing people to remain constant. The same. Predictable.  WHY?

Imagine a world of SAMENESS

When you are resistant to change or changing relationships you may feel frustrated at your child’s newfound independence or isolated when your best gal pal has formed other meaningful friendships at her new art class. You would prefer to know that every day you could count more of the same. But is that what you REALLY WANT?

Imagine your world of relationships if everything stayed the same! How boring would it be to be married to the guy who still takes his stuffed puppychange is good in relationshiips to bed! How taxing to care for a child’s diapers when you pick them up at the end of the school day – from high school!

Would you want your golf mate to tell you the same story week after week because nothing new EVER happens in his life?

People change because life changes. There are new challenges facing us all every day and we draw on our past experiences and our intuitive senses to help us forge a new path. Sometimes they are comfortable paths – sometimes they are a rocky road that leaves us and others cut and bruised from the journey.

The challenge, the drive, the stretch to become new, to become renewed is inherent in us and we must pursue or we stagnate and die.

Allowing yourself the grace to accept change and the giving the space to your loved ones to spread wings and grow is the gift of freedom allowing us all to live this extraordinary life of ours.