Why do New Years Resolutions Fail?

Change is a Practice with Every Day Baby Steps

I don’t know that I have ever wanted more change than I do at this moment.  I have become weary of a load of my past, my failures, my shortcomings, my sorrows.  I am ready for a change.

The Problem?  I have been ready for a change for years.

And I am still here.  Ready and the same as I always was.  Maybe worse.

Sound familiar?

 New Years Resolutions Failsketch-1483457329903

Why do the decisions we announce for a new year most often fail?  Because we are focused on the decision and not on the practice.

The day to day small, almost unnoticed practices that make our decisions become reality.

It’s not enough to say you want it.  What will you DO TODAY to achieve it?

What action, no matter how small will you take today to make it happen?

Solution – Take a series of very small steps

 Change is not the size of the decision, it’s the size and repetition of our action.

Keep them small and almost unnoticeable.  Don’t try to overwhelm your senses with actions so much bigger than you are today.

Become bigger by small actions.