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The Problem with Forced Problem-Solving

When we Force Problem-Solving Solving Problems Is EXCITING, INVIGORATING, STIMULATING and POWERFUL - if you let the problem get solved!  But when we force problem-solving to keep us in our comfort zone, we can potentially limit the results. So here is the problem....we want what we [...]

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Looking for Solutions – Look For Seeds

Look for Seeds When you are looking for solutions to ANY PROBLEM - look for seeds.  Don't be greedy and impatient.  Let things unfold. You might not find the entire solution to your problem in one go of it.  But if you allow your mind to [...]

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Learn Something New – Not As Easy As It Appears

Are You Learning from the Information You Receive? Do you train your mind to learn something new every day? How many minutes do you think you spend searching online every day for information?  Are you a reader- do you have books on the go?  Documentaries?  Social [...]

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Change is a Practice Not a Decision

Why do New Years Resolutions Fail? Change is a Practice with Every Day Baby Steps I don't know that I have ever wanted more change than I do at this moment.  I have become weary of a load of my past, my failures, my shortcomings, my [...]

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Use Daily Experimentation to be More Creative

Creative Minds Need to Experiment - Today's Subject Joseph Priestly One of the big blocks we face in being a creative problem solver, innovator, artist or individual is our fear of MISTAKES. We can learn to change that by a daily experiment habit. We have been [...]

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Problem Solving with Sugar Snap Peas

WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? Problem Solving - If you lead a company, pay the payroll, ensure the assets, clean the facility or manage operations, you have something in common with every other job description – every week you face at least one challenging PROBLEM that needs to [...]

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